Be Inspired: 4 ways with...a cylinder vase

11 Nov 2016

Choosing a centerpiece for your wedding can be overwhelming. There are so many styles to choose from so where do you start? We’ve been inspired by one of the most versatile and widely used products often seen as a wedding centrepiece...the cylinder vase. It may not be much to look at on its own, but the possibilities of what you can do with this humble vase are endless. Get inspired by our 4 different looks...

1. When life gives you lemons...
Use them in your wedding display. Lemons, red peppers, carrot, lime – yes all of the above can be use to create a stunning and yet affordable display. Brighten up your table and add colour to your venue with some green apples, or choose sliced lemons to complement a spring wedding theme; the smell of freshly cut lemons will fill your venue and tickle the senses of your guests as they walk in and make your wedding even more memorable. Don’t forget to ask your florist to incorporate the colour of your chosen fruit or veg in your floral displays to give your wedding maximum impact. 

2. Playing with sand
Planning a beach wedding or inspired by your favourite beach destination? Use some sand in your vases and display them in a group with some coloured crystals, sea shells, pearls or flowers to add some interest and colour. Arranging this will take no time at all and finish the display off by popping a candle in the sand.  

3. An Acorn adventure
Head to your local park and look for some foliage or acorns which you can spray gold and silver. Add some complementary baubles from your local garden centre or pick some up in the Christmas sales and you’re well on your way to creating an unforgettable centrepiece for your winter wedding reception. Intertwine some LED lights in the display so the gold and silver pieces stand out in an evening reception.

4. Just add water
Submerged flowers are a popular choice and why wouldn’t they be? If you choose the right flowers, it can look elegant and contemporary not to mention the simplicity of creating this pretty look. You can use fresh or silk flowers to get this look but perhaps experiment with them both and see how they last in the water at home before you go ahead with finalising your centrepieces. We like the idea of using orchids, tulips and cherry blossom branches.  Add some floating candles and submersible LED lights to give the vase a lively glow.

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