Crystal Garland Chandalier


Date Submitted: 12/02/2015
Author: Isobel

Build Time: 40 mins - 1 hour
Category: Venue Decoration

A glitzy chandalier hanging decoration for hanging at your reception venue. You can adapt the colour scheme to match your theme and add fairy lights for a touch of sparkle!


Firstly you will need to source a ring and some wire, we have used a florists wreath ring and some hot pink wire. But you could use anything you can get your hands on, such as a hula hoop, as long as it is strong enough top carry the weight of the garlands.


You'll need to cover your ring with the satin ribbon. Start by taping one end of the ribbon diagonally onto the ring and neatly wind the ribbon round and round the ring until the ribbon joins back up. Fold the end over neatly and seal with double sided tape or strong glue.


Use the wire to create a hook. Place one length across the diameter and twist the ends and another perpendicular to the so that the hoop is supported evenly and hangs flat.


Suspend your hook from the ceiling or somewhere high using the ribbon, so that you can work on it easily.


Attach the garlands to your hoop using the rings attached. We have used the rings that connect the garland to double some of them up to create a looped effect so that you have different lengths dangling down. Make sure that you attach them from one side to the other so that the hoop is balanced flat.


Once you are happy with your arrangment you can drape your lights around the wire. Put the batteries in first as it will be difficult to do this once they have been arranged. Make sure that they are evenly spaced out and leave enough for the battery to be adhered to the hanging ribbon so that you can hide it with a bow.

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