Fairy Jar Centrepiece

  • Fairy Jar Centrepiece 02.jpg

Date Submitted: 21/03/2016
Author: Isobel

Build Time: Less than 20 minutes
Category: Table Centrepiece

A quick, easy and enchanting centrepiece idea. Using glass jars and battery lights to create an ambient glow.


You can use either the LED light garlands to create a twinkly effect or a tube light for more impact, you can even mix and match together to give different textures. Firstly you need to pop batteries into the lights you are using and make sure to turn them on before you bury the battery pack.


Pop your battery pack into the bottom of the jar, cover with either glass stones or acrylic beads to hide the battery pack. Using a clear or shiny vase filler will help to reflect light around your jar.


Twist and wind your choosen lights around the inside of your jar, make sure you've done this symmetrically so that the jar looks great from all angles.


Pop the lid back on your jar and you're all finished. You could personalise these jars by adding further decor inside the jar - perhaps some wired butterflies climbing up the light or even some woodland moss or rose petals to hide your battery pack. Get creative!

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