Fish Bowl Vase Centrepiece With Tiger Lily


Date Submitted: 27/03/2015
Author: Isobel

Build Time: 30-45mins
Category: Table Centrepiece

Classic and straightforward, this centrepiece idea is easy enough for begginners and is colourful and impactful. This guide can be adapted for smaller tables by using smaller fishbowl and mirror plates.


Firstly take your vase and your mirror plate, using a dustcloth and some window cleaner polish them to high shine before you begin.


Empty your clear glass nuggets into the bottom of the vase, each vase will take about 2 tubs.

You need to line your bowl with a vase filler, as when the bowl is sat on the mirror plate your guests will be able to see it reflected from underneath as well as all around.


Chop the long stems off your lilys and rest in the centre of the bowl facing outwards.

Allow for 3 lily head per vase so that every angle is accounted for.


Chop the stems off your hydragea and disect into smaller pieces to fill any gaps and add a bit of colour.


Plate your mirror plate in the centre of your table and place your display on top of the mirror. Make sure it is exactly in the centre.


Finish your display by scattering your roly poly votives around the edge.

The shape of these votives nicely compliments the round shape of your fishbowl.


Don't forget to light and distribute your candles all around before your guests arrive.

If you use our extra long burn tealights they last up to 8 hours.

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