Garden Themed Antique Gold Birdcage Centrepiece

  • Antique Gold Birdcage Centrepiece

Date Submitted: 12/08/2015
Author: Isobel

Build Time: 45mins-1hour
Category: Table Centrepiece

A fresh and colourful centrepiece idea for making a floral garden theme birdcage.


It may look tricky but with a bit of patience you can save yourself some money and with using artificial flowers this cage can be prepared well in advance.

Firstly lay your table. Use your grass matting as a tablecloth, you may need to secure it with catering clips.


Begin your birdcage. Open the cage lid so you can manoeuvre your flowers inside and out. You need to weave your silks in and out of the bars in an asymmetric fashion. Start with your lisianthuis as they are the most flexible.



Make sure to twist your flower heads out as you go and try and create a balanced look. You can secure the flowers in place using florists wire, pins or tape.

You will need to clip excess foliage off so you can work in back in later.

Fill in your gaps with your mum and piece of your hydrageanea. Don't be scared to cut your flowers into smaller pieces to fill gappy bits.



Remember if you are placing your arrangement in the middle of a round table your guests will be able to see all the way around, consider how it will look from every direction.



Once you are happy with your cage, place it on your mirror plate and make sure it is central. Your mirror plate will reflect all angles of your display so now is the time tidy up any messy bits.


We've choosen hot pink favour pails and hot pink foil chocolates to match this pink themed display. You can personalise the look by adding candle votives of your choice for the evening or adding in different coloured flowers and trims.

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