Roly Poly Bud Vase Centrepiece

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Date Submitted: 27/07/2016
Author: Isobel

Build Time: 30mins
Category: Table Centrepiece

This small and simple centrepiece is ideal for an intimate reception. Because of its low height it can be used on small tables and enable guests to converse across the table without being obstructed by a large vase or candelabra. We've used silk flowers so it can be made up well in advance but you could still create this centrepiece using fresh cut as it doesn't require too many large or expensive blooms.


You need to create 5 bundle of flowers, 1 to sit in each bud vase.

Your bundles should be between 10-15cm in in height overall, anything bigger and they will tip over in the vase.

Each bundle should consist of one pice of liasianthus flower, some cut hydranga (we disected our hydrangea into about 5 pieces) and a few pieces of eucalyptus branch.


Polish up your mirror plate with glass cleaner to give it extra sparkle and shine.

If you're using fresh flowers you will need to add water to your roly polys if you're using silks there's no need.



Place the 5 glass vases equally around your mirror plate.

We used 5 roly poly candle votives as our mini vases, the round shape compliments the round mirror plate and they're dainty and cute enough to hold a small posy.

Add your little flower bundles. You may need to snip them down a little at this point to fit.

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