Royal Blue and Lace Chair Cover


Date Submitted: 23/02/2015
Author: Isobel

Build Time: Less than 10 Minutes
Category: Venue Decoration

Simply using chair sashes, lace roll and a few silk flowers to create an inexpensive and unusual chair decoration.

You could use it just for your VIP guests or go all out on every chair! An easy way to make something special out of plain venue chairs.


Firstly you need to measure up your chairs. Your lace roll is 10m long and for each chair you will need to measure the length of the height of the top of the chair back to the floor and double it. This is to make sure you have enough lace. The chair sashes come in packs of 5 and you will need 1 sash per chair. ( The chairs we have used are approximately 1 m tall so we would use 1 lace roll and 1 pack of sashes per 5 chairs.)



Once you have cut your lace into the correct size, start by draping it over the chair. If you are using a chair like ours you can work it in and out of the bars.

You can use pins to carefully hold it in place, but please note you need to make sure the pins are pointing outwards, you wouldn't want to catch anyones clothing! If you have small children attending or you are concerned it may be best to do a quick stitch to hold them in place or use safety pins.


Once you have positioned your lace, take a chair sash and wrap around. Make a neat bow half way down the chair, make sure you take your time to make it all symmetrical.


Add a finishing flourish of some silk peonies. Cut down the long stems to leave you with a few flowers.  These can be tucked into the knot of your bow, again you may need to pin or stitch them in place to ensure they remain secure.  It's good to use clusters of three flowers, odd numbers look best.

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