Tall Conic Vase Centrepiece

  • Conic Vase and Orchid Centrepiece With Tassles 01.jpg

Date Submitted: 27/07/2016
Author: Isobel

Build Time: 20 minutes
Category: Table Centrepiece

A stunning tall arrangement with a conic vase and orchid stems. This modern botanical centrepiece will really add height and impact to your tables.


Firstly place your 7 beautiful orchid stems in your vase one by one, twisting the to ensure the flower heads are facing outwards.


Take your oriental ruscus stems and add them into your display to add height and width. Make sure you keep this symetrical. If you keep stepping back from your design it's easy to see the gaps!


Finally pop in your tassles and berries to add texture. Make sure you position them evenly around the vase. Keep turning the vase to make sure you've got symmetry and balance.


Place on a mirror base to finish. This will reflect your design from all around and highlight the beautiful display you've created.

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