Woodland LED Tree Centrepiece

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Date Submitted: 14/10/2015
Author: Isobel

Build Time: 30-40 Minutes
Category: Table Centrepiece

Use trailing florals and foliage to create this woodland themed illuminated centrepiece.


For this guide you will need a strong pair of scissors, some florists tape and strong glue, prepare all of your materials and tools before you begin.


Snip your lisianthus heads and lavender prongs with a length of stem. You are going to fashion them into little bundles. Think about proportioning your bundles to create a spray effect, perhaps include buds for colour and texture. Secure each bunch using your florists tape. You will need to create 5/7 bundles per tree.


Positioning your bundles in place in the natural start of each branch against the trunk and glue in place. Avoid glueing over your LEDs. You can hold your bunches in place with pegs whilst they dry to keep them in position.


As you work rotate your design to make sure it looks great from every angle. You may need to hide the taped areas of your deisgn by sticking on some extra foliage.


Once the glue has dried and you are happy with your design, insert batteries and turn on your LED lights.


We have sat our tree in a nest basket and worked in some extra eucalyptus foliage around to hide the square base but you could hide it with foliage, moss or any sort of suitable container.


Once you are happy sit your tree onto your mirror plate and position some candle jars around for an added ambient glow.

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