8 Delightful DIY Ideas For A Wedding

09 Feb 2018

If you’re looking for some wedding inspiration, use our DIY ideas to plan a stylish yet budget friendly wedding. With a little help from our website, you’ll be able to access all the simple materials you’ll need to create your own decorations, the way you like them.


Fairy jars

Simply place a set of our small white LED lights inside one of our jars as a creative idea. Once achieved, it seems as if there are fairies or fireflies inside the jar which gives off an enchanting look.

Wood Slice Centrepieces

Our wood slices act as a perfect addition to your centrepiece if you’re looking for a rustic display. Along with a few of our plain bottles with flowers placed inside, our wooden slices work as a gorgeous base. My personal favourite combinations are gypsophila flowers and white roses as they complete the centrepiece with a romantic look. Details go a long way, so adding touches of white string or lace will make your piece extra special.

Cheers to Love, Laughter and a Happily Ever After!

If you’re looking for a few unique ideas to make your wedding a memorable one, our jars would be a brilliant replacement to ordinary glasses. Although jars do not suit some drinks, pimbs and soft drinks look extremely effective with ice and colourful fruit inside.

 A Glass Dispenser for refreshments

Our glass dispensers would go along nicely with this idea. These clear dispensers never fail to look appealing with fruit inside. Not only do they look good, they’re a cheap way to refresh your guests as opposed to buying drinks separately.

Save the Date and my Seat

Create your own invitations with our brown rustic labels; they’ll be just right for those who like a simple decorative thought. Use them again as place tags to address your guests to their seats. Tie them around a small favour relating to your theme to make your labels as thoughtful as they come.

Pimp your Prosecco

Use our wooden crates to create effective arrangements. Our crates could be a great way to present your refreshments and other items with a twist.  My personal favourite is the pimp your presecco crate set up. The crates will allow you to display all of the chopped fruits your guests will need to pimp their prosecco, prosecco and glasses can be placed alongside. 

Jar Tealight Holders

The title explains it all really. It seems simple but this is such a trending quick DIY idea. Items as simple as jars can create gorgeous tea lights holders. Make them your own by decorating them based on your theme. One example I saw on pinterest looked really effective, music sheets were stuck around the outside and hearts cut allowing the light of the flame to peer through.

Spread the sparkle

Covering items such as our jars in glitter will undoubtedly transform one basic item into something fantastic and personal to you. Jars are perfect use for this, once covered in glitter they act as really unique tea light jar holders.



8 delightful DIY ideas for a wedding