July Favourites - Greenery Silks

02 Jul 2018

A dreamy greenery wedding in the July sun would be unforgettable. 

The use of foilage integrated within your wedding decor is the most adventurous idea we have ever come across. 

Use our greenery silks to start you off, then go crazy by adding your own style. But don't stop at greenery! Your wedding doesn't just have to be greenery on it's own, add a greenery twist to any wedding theme that takes your fancy. What about a classic romance theme with a greenery twist? Boho and greenery? Vintage and greenery? The list could go on!

Use your imagination! Our favourite would be the mythical over-grown look. Turn your wedding ceremony or reception into an enchanted woodland location with our greenery silk! Wrap ivy garlands around the room and use our moss to create gorgeous over-grown centrepieces.

Greenery Silks Monthly Favourites