Payment Problems

If you are having trouble making payment for your order, this could be due to the recent introduction of tighter fraud prevention methods.

If your payment is declined it could be for one of the following reasons

  • The card details have been entered incorrectly
  • You have entered the wrong billing address for the card
  • You are using a card that we do not accept
  • The postcode does not match the address where the card is registered
  • An incorrect card holder name has been entered
  • There are not enough funds on the card to complete the payment
  • There is a limit placed on the card for a single transaction and you are trying to order goods greater than this limit
  • The card has just been issued and has not yet been activated
  • You have kept the payment window on your screen for more than 5 minutes without pressing any buttons. For security reasons this will cause the payment to cancel itself
If you are still having problem, you can call our offices on 0845 658 8811 to pay over the phone