Cases, Wraps and Boxes

Cake Wraps

Our beautiful cup cake cases & wraps are a great way to decorate a standard cup cake.

Cup Cake Wraps are ideal for home baking and can quickly add a stylish finish to a standard cupcake. Cup Cake Cases are used by home and professional bakers. 

We also have a selection of decorative boxes so that your guests can take home their cakes.

White and Silver Hearts Cake Box
White & Silver Hearts Cake Box

Availability: 38 in stock


Cake Central Cases
Cake Central Cup Cake Cases

Availability: 9 in stock


Cup Cake
Charlie & Lola Cup Cake Cases

Availability: 18 in stock

£3.95 £2.28

Utterly Scrumptious Cake Cups
Utterly Scrumptious Cake Cases

Availability: 3 in stock

£3.95 £2.10

Vintage White Lace Cupcake Wrap
White Vintage Lace Cupcake Wraps

Availability: 7 in stock

£5.99 £5.09

Ivory Cake Box
Ivory Cake Box

Availability: 2 in stock

£4.99 £4.25

White Cake Box

Availability: 2 in stock

£4.99 £4.25

Patchwork Owl Cupcake Kit
Patchwork Owl Cupcake Toppers & Cases

Availability: 1 in stock

£4.99 £4.25

Elegant Butterflies Cake Box in Ivory and Gold
Ivory Elegant Butterfly Cake Box

Availability: 1 in stock

£4.99 £4.25

White and Silver Butterfly Cake Boxes
White Elegant Butterfly Cake Box

Availability: 5 in stock


Rainbows and Unicorns Cupcake Kit
I Believe In Unicorns Cupcake Kit

Availability: 8 in stock


Scripted Marble Cake Box

Availability: 1 in stock


Gold and Ivory Hearts Cake Box
Ivory & Gold Hearts Cake Box

Availability: Out of Stock